Hamilton-Lauraville TAP Project

The Hamilton-Lauraville community is located in northeast Baltimore and encompasses two distinct neighborhoods with seperate identities.  What brings them together is the Urban Agriculture movement.  Focusing on a shared interest in fine dining, the farmers market and farm-to-table practices, the Lauraville-Hamilton project features large, sculpted fruits and vegetables strategically placed in the two communities, using the sculpture to tie them together through the arts.  The Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street Program, business owners, residents and local schools are working with artist partners Jeanne-Marie Burdette and Susan Holmes, assisted by David Cunningham, Ryan Hoover and Michael Murphy.  Giant blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries will serve as seating at the local farmers market in Lauraville and a huge carrot will pierce the side of a local grocery store in Hamilton.

The Lauraville Farmers Market site before the giant fruit arrive.

Market-goers enjoy the fruity seating!

Visit from Gloria Estefan!

The neighborhood comes out to paint the fruits for the roof!

The giant fruit and basket are installed in Lauraville.  Now on to the giant carrot in Hamilton!

The giant carrot is ready for install!

The giant carrot is installed in Hamilton!

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