Franklin Square TAP Project

The Franklin Square community is located in southwest Baltimore. The residents of Franklin Square, in an effort to take back their community, adopted an abandoned lot in the middle of the neighborhood on Carey Street and began clearing and landscaping the area.  With the help of PNC, the participating community groups, The Franklin Square Community Association, The Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club and the St. Luke's Church together with their art partners, Civic Works and the CAN Collective (Emily C-D, Jessie Unterhalter and Katey Truhn) are creating a distinctive look for their neighborhood, which they call the Sunflower Village.  The art installation includes two murals, plantings of sunflowers, banners and flags, and a grand archway entrance.

 Work on the mural begins.

Franklin Square residents are building on the work they have completed over the past few years, turning an abandoned lot into an urban oasis filled with sunflowers and other plantings.

Completed murals

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